How the oils changed my eczema.

Red, raw, itching, painful eczema hands- many of you know what I am talking about. After 4 years the creams and even the injections were less and less helpful and the itching continued. When my neighbour first told me about dōTERRA Essential oils I thought oh nice I bet they smell good but I’m not really into holistic medicine.               I really didn’t know what ones to use for my eczema so I tried a few different oils and the combination of Lemongrass and Germanium oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil seemed to smell good and help. I made a roller ball with those two oils and at night would roll it all over my hands. Then I would put on cotton gloves to help the oil soak into my skin and leave them on throughout the night. At first I was still skeptical but when I started waking up in the morning and not having the automatic impulse to scratch my hands raw with a dry washcloth I couldn’t believe it and didn’t. I thought it was probably just a fluke. But the more I used the oil at night the more I realised how itch free my mornings became. Anyone suffering from eczema knows how intense the itching can be and to find relief from that itching is absolutely amazing! Of course, I still have eczema but using the oils has given me a way to manage it and it has been wonderful! I would recommend dōTERRA Essential oils to anyone struggling with eczema, it has changed my life! Melanie