First day of the new school year.

Fresh starts 💫🌿✨ Today is the first day of a new school year, and its the first day back to school for my youngest son. He’s back to school after the summer break to continue his A Level studies. October sees him turn 18. I can’t believe how quickly he’s grown up.

He plans to go to University September 2019, and do a Masters degree in Coastal and Civil Engineering. So you can imagine his subjects he’s studying at A level are quite intense. He’s doing A Level Maths, Physics and Geography.

This is the blend I diffused downstairs whilst we got ready:

🌿 Spearmint for gentle invigoration and focus

🍊 Wild orange to promote a positive outlook

🍋 Lime for confidence and energy 

The power of the olfactory system — our sense of smell — is wildly underestimated in the modern world.

Our olfactory receptors are incredibly complex and very closely linked to our emotional and memory centres in the brain 🧠 so it’s not surprising that aromatic plants can make a significant impact on our emotional wellbeing 💫


What is your go-to essential oil  blend for momentous days?




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Why DōTERRA Essential Oils Vs other Oils?

Have you ever wondered why some essential oils are more expensive than others?

Are you familiar with the differences between essential oils? With so many different brands on the market how do you choose one? Many of them are even priced similar so it makes it even harder to distinguish which one you should consider. Today, I am going to talk to you about the essential oils I work with, why the difference and why purity matters so much when it comes to buying essential oils.

Did you know that there is NO regulation on essential oils? Yep, that’s right, there is no one that controls or monitors what goes into the bottle of essential oil you are buying. That is kind of scary because you could be putting chemicals in the air or in your body and not even know it! There is a loose standard set by the FDA, which only suggests a bottle of essential oil has to contain 10% natural oil to be labeled 100% pure! CRAZY! So that bottle of essential oil that says 100% pure really means nothing, it could be diluted down with harmful additives and synthetics! And very often is.

The benefits of using essential oils are hard to deny and really have become mainstream! Almost everyone knows about essential oils. And those essential oils claiming to be 100% pure! Were actually tested by world renowned Dr. Robert Pappas at Essential Oil University and they came back 100% synthetic! Can you believe it?! And they were labelled 100% pure!

So how do you know if you are buying 100% pure essential oil? After hearing this deception it is hard to trust any bottle of essential oil right? That is why the company I work for is different. The executive team knows the power of a truly pure essential oil and is passionate and committed to providing you with a true therapeutic grade essential oil that is in face 100% pure. All of essential oils are tested down to the smallest molecule to ensure there is absolutely no impurities in the essential oil. These oils are even cross tested with mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure both extract purity and composition potency of each and every batch! The essential oil only goes in the bottle if it truly is 100% pure essential oil.

All these oils are grown, harvested and distilled in their native regions. This is done because the molecular profile of the plant is going to be very different depending on where it is grown. Lavender, which naturally comes from france is going to be very different if it is grown in Utah. Sure it will grow in Utah, but when you test the oil from the plants grown in France vs the plants grown in Utah there is a huge difference in the potency. You will have greater therapeutic benefits from the essential oil that comes from the plants grown in their native region. This is why my company will not just plant a farm anywhere, they will make sure their plants are grown where they will thrive and give you the best possible essential oil!

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