Going for goals in your business?Try the Money Magic Blend

Going for goals in your business or life but letting limiting beliefs about money get in your way?

Try my new Money Magic blend

10 💧 Wild Orange 🍊 the Oil of Abundance

2 💧 Tangerine the Oil of Cheer & Creativity

2 💧 Frankincense the Oil of Truth

1 💧 Arborvitae the Oil of Divine Grace

1 💧 Hawaiian 🌺 Sandalwood the Oil of Sacred Devotion

10 💧 Ginger the Oil of Empowerment

10 💧 Patchouli the Oil of Physicality

In a 10ml roller top with fractionated coconut oil.

Or in the diffuser put three drops of Wild Orange, Patchouli and Ginger and 1 drop each Tangerine, Arborvitae, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Frankincense.

Need oils? Send me a message.

The benefits of using Marjoram & Grapefruit Essential Oils.

2 absolute favs for entrepreneurs and more obscure oils 💦🍃

Marjoram will support you:

✅ To reduce stress by working along back of the neck
✅ Mends a broken heart and helps keep you open to receiving new relationships (personal or client)
✅ Helps dispel fear of rejection (OMG this is huge!!!)
✅ Helps you to create space to receive deep connections (great if you’re an energy worker)
✅ Will support you to stop self sabotaging (Amen!)
✅ Restores trust and openness



Grapefruit is one of my daily favs.

Add to distilled water and drink throughout the day ot diffuse in your office to:

✅ Teach you to honour your body and treat it beautifully
✅ Help to dispel feelings of not being good enough
✅ Begin to love, tolerate and accept more things about yourself (crucial for success)
✅ Instant feeling of gratitude and joy when diffusing Grapefruit


And such wonderful info from doTERRA on the benefits, uses of these 2 oils…

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