Effects of sleep loss on the Immune system.


Recall the last time you had the flu. Miserable, wasn’t it? Runny nose, achy bones, sore throat, heavy cough, and a total lack of energy.

You probably just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep. As well you should.

Your body is trying to sleep itself well. An intimate and bidirectional association exists between your sleep and your immune system.

Sleep fights against infection and sickness by deploying all manner of weaponry within your immune arsenal, cladding you with protection.

When you do fall ill, the immune system actively stimulates the sleep system, demanding more bed rest to help reinforce the war effort.

Reduce sleep for even a single night, and that invisible suit of immune resilience is rudely stripped from your body.

Studies show that less than 5 hours of sleep, 5-6 hours of sleep, 6-7 hours of sleep and 7-8 hours of sleep that there is a clear, linear relationship with infection rate.

The less sleep an individual was getting in the week before facing the active common cold virus, the more likely it was they would be infected and catch a cold. In those sleeping 5 hours on average, the infection rate was almost 50%. In those sleeping 7 hours or more a night in the week prior, the infection rate was just 18%.

Considering that infectious illnesses, such as the common cold, influenza, and pneumonia, are among the leading causes of death in developed countries, doctors and governments would do well to stress the critical importance of sufficient sleep during the flu season.

For more on this subject I heartedly recommend you read a book by Matthew Walker ~ Why we Sleep.

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Are you new to Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be an overwhelming topic if you’re trying to learn everything and anything, as quickly as possible. 😰

But with a few basic know-hows, you can get started with diffusing them in your home whilst getting the most benefits out of them! 😃

So let’s get straight into it:

1. Choose a few favourites 😍 – Diffusing essential oils becomes a lot easier if you’re not stuck there choosing between all 94 types and feeling like you have to research them all. But if you find out what you can get a hold of and which scents seem familiar/interesting to you, then take a look at the benefits and use them! This makes it so much easier for you to actually get stuck into using essential oils, rather than getting pulled into all the information that’s out there.

2. Follow a guideline – An essential oil chart is a great place to start if you’re worried about what will smell right with what when figuring out how to make blends. So stick to the guidelines and do what’s tried-and-tested until you get a gist of how it all works. Then you can get the most out of your oils without being put off by something that smells way too strong or just awful.

3. Get a good quality carrier oil 💧 or oil diffuser – All the benefits of essential oils are either from diffusing them or applying them onto your body. So if you use a good quality carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, and invest into a diffuser, you can get all the benefits you could dream of without any complicated recipes. Sure, those recipes will be useful later on but for now, just learn which essential oils are working well for you by simply diluting them before use.

4. If you’re trying to solve a specific problem, concentrate on how you feel 😌 – Essential oils aren’t one size fits all. Different oils work for different people and do different things. So if you’re using them to ease the headaches you get whilst working, to ease your insomnia or to make it easier to wake up 😴 then you’ll need to experiment a little until you find what works best for you. And if you’re doing it just to make your home smell nice, help you feel relaxed and to add an ambience to your rooms, then you need to think about what smells best rather than the therapeutic benefits.

5. Make sure it’s the real deal – There are a lot of fake essential oils out there that are diluted with vegetable oils or just don’t contain any of the real thing at all. Anything that’s casually called a fragrance oil or has more than one ingredient on the list won’t be pure, so keep an eye out for that. If you already have essential oils, then try adding a drop to some tissue paper and see if it leaves a stain once dried. If it does then it’s been mixed with other ingredients and if it doesn’t, it’s most likely pure (some essential oils are thicker than others and can still leave a stain, but this should help you in most cases). 😃

So there you have it!

These 5 tips should help you out whether you’re new to essential oils or not, but if you want to know more about anything in particular just send me an email julie@holistichealthandwellbeinggroup.com

Why the Essential oils business is huge and growing at an exponential rate.

Essential Oils Market GrowthOne of the exciting things about partnering with doTERRA is knowing for certain we are in a growth industry.

The essential oils market is huge and growing year on year as more people look towards natural solutions to health related issues as demand on health services globally gets to breaking point. 

More and more people are experiencing life longevity. Although, we are living longer, the risk of having a health problem is increasing threefold.This puts a greater demand on health services worldwide.

The market for alternative ways to manage your health and well-being is set for huge growth with, doTERRA Essential oils being at the forefront of that market.

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Make sure you buy Certified Pure Therapeutic Oils.


When purchasing oils make sure you buy pure, certified and Therapeutic Grade. 🍃💧
And when using oils, make sure you ask where they were purchased!

You can’t guarantee what’s been added to them, if you don’t buy dōTERRA direct from the company.
If in doubt, don’t use them. 🌱🍃🙌🏻💫

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A quick guide to DōTERRAs Loyalty Rewards Program for customers.

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

One of my favourite things about buying as a dōTERRA member is the opportunity to earn free product credit through the Loyalty Rewards Program or the LRP. Since I’ve been ordering for a while now, I get 30% back on every order over 50 PV, PLUS I also get all my shipping cost back as product credit. I can use those credits to buy gifts or contribute to months where I need a larger order to get what I want and need.

How do you get these awesome bonuses? Once you’re enrolled, set up an LRP order template. Select the items you want shipped each month and the shipping date. You can change this order each month which is what I do.

Did you know that dōTERRA’s supplements are actually some of their biggest sellers? And there’s quite a range of supplements to chose from.

You can keep those coming each month. Do you go through an abnormal amount of Bergamot  and Balance like me? Add it to your LRP.

Toothpaste, cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner, skincare range, Trim Shake, or even dōTERRA Greens powder can come to you each month.

Of course, you can switch around different oils and other products and have no two LRP orders the same. I order all of my products through the LRP order system instead of the one time orders to keep those rewards coming! There is no minimum purchase each month, so you can adjust your amount as needed. Just be sure to finalise your order at least 2 days before your autoship date.

If your date falls after the 15th of the month, you will not qualify for the free product of the month (another opportunity for a FREE item) unless you go in and process your order early.

All the details on the LRP: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/flyers-loyalty-rewards-program


The benefits of Non toxic Household cleaning with Essential Oils

CLEANING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS 🌿 As awareness grows about the known harms of our household cleaning products, more and more of us are choosing to improve the air quality in our homes by switching to essential oils ✨
Cleaning with oils is ridiculously simple, and it’ll save you £$€, too. Start with an amber glass bottle and trigger spray. Add a tablespoon of On Guard cleaning concentrate (or 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar). Then add 10-20 drops of essential oils and top up with water. Shake gently and you’re ready to go!
Here are my favourite oil combos for cleaning:
🌱 Rosemary + lime
🌱 Lemongrass + lavender
🌱 Eucalyptus + lemon
🌱 Bergamot + basil
🌱 Peppermint + melaleuca
Each of these oils has powerful cleansing properties, and the aromas will leave your home smelling incredible (AND lift your mood! 🙌).
Give yourself permission to ditch those commercial cleaning products TODAY. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve the health of your home 💪🌿✨

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How do you maintain a positive mood?

Maintaining a positive mood and attitude can be very challenging at times.

Life can get pretty stressful, especially when trying to multitask. Chances are you are familiar with managing several tasks at once.

In today’s fast-paced environment, we often experience negative moods such as stress, discouragement, and fatigue. Just as being in a good mood gives you a sense of happiness and well-being, bad moods can also lead to negative feelings over time.

These negative feelings can get trapped in all cells within our bodies. Which can result in lowering the immune system over time.
When it comes to managing your mood, essential oils can help restore your emotional balance and improve your overall attitude in any situation.

Calm and Balance: Chill Out, It Will Be OK

  • Cedarwood ~ Diffuse after a stressful day to relax the mind and body.
  • Geranium ~ Diffuse to calm the nerves. Or apply to pulse points.
  • DōTERRA Serenity ~ Diffuse to help relaxation and peace.


  • Arborvitae ~ Diffuse at night. Or rub on forehead, shoulders or chest to lessen stress and tension.
  • Patchouli ~ Rub on temples or apply to soles of feet to calm emotions.
  • Ylang Ylang ~ Put a few drops into a Epsom Salt bath for relaxation.


  • Aromatouch Massage Blend ~ Add to your bath or use with a carrier oil for massage.
  • Frankincense ~ Apply to soles of feet to relax and balance mood swings.
  • Roman Chamomile ~ Add 1-2 drops to herbal teas to soothe the body and mind.
  • Vetiver ~ Diffuse or use topically with other calming blends, such as Lavender, Serenity, and balance, to assist with calming stress.


  • Rosemary ~ Diffuse or apply topically to help reduce stress, tension and fatigue. Good for helping with memory.
  • Lavender~ Diffuse or add to bath water to soak away those stresses and worries.
  • dōTERRA balance grounding blend ~ Apply to wrists or pulse points on neck to help calm nerves.
  • In Tune Focus Blend ~ Apply to temples and back of neck to enhance concentration when feeling tired mid afternoon.


  • Clary Sage ~ Apply to feet or pulse points to balance hormones.
  • Bergamot ~ Diffuse in your home or office, to promote a calm, serene atmosphere, but it is also purifying for the skin, which is why many massage therapists use it.


Elevate and Energise: Lighten Up


  • Grapefruit/Lemon/Lime ~ Inhale from a tissue or bottle, to sharpen focus when studying or reading.
  • Citrus Bliss ~ Diffuse or put a drop on your wrists and rub them together for an uplifting everyday perfume.
  • Peppermint ~ Apply to palms of hands, deeply inhale for a quick pick me up.
  • Wild Orange ~ Energise the body and mind by placing 2 drops of Wild Orange, Peppermint and Frankincense in the palms of your hands, inhale deeply in times of high stress levels.


  • Sandalwood ~ Apply to the neck at bedtime for a restful sleep or during mediation.
  • Elevation ~ Diffuse in the mornings to start the day with a positive, uplifting mood.


  • Myrrh ~ Use aromatically to help promote awareness and uplift your mood.

Mood Boosting Diffuser Blends


  • 3 Drops of Vetiver
  • 3 Drops of Lavender
  • 3 Drops of Sandalwood
  • 2 Drops of Ylang Ylang


  • 3 Drops of Patchouli
  • 2 Drops Siberian Fir
  • 2 Drops Lavender


  • 5 Drops of Peppermint
  • 5 Drops of Frankincense
  • 5 Drops of Lemon
  • 5 Drops of Wild Orange

TIP ~ You can make topical blends by adding essential oils diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil to a small roller bottle.