Benefits of Using Onguard Essential Oil.

Oil #8 is ON GUARD, the “Protective Blend.”

This oil is special to me, because it helped enormously to build my confidence in the science behind dōTERRA’s oil blends.

So imagine my delight when I learned that On Guard was almost identical to the oils I had chosen myself: Wild orange + clove + cinnamon + eucalyptus + rosemary. 🙌 This is another oil we reach for SO often in our home, and it blends beautifully with frankincense, copaiba, arborvitae, and/or oregano.

Top uses:
💫 Diffused at work
💫 Diluted with carrier oil and applied to soles of feet as immune support
💫 Diffuse in the bedroom of a child who is under the weather (AND in the bedroom of any siblings!)
💫 Adults may gargle with a drop in a glass of water to soothe a scratchy throat
💫 Add a drop to a mug of warm water as a spiced “tea” at bedtime
💫 Use a cotton bud to dab a drop on mouth ulcers
💫 Add a few drops to a pan of red wine for an immune-supporting mulled wine during the holidays!!

Emotionally, this oil is incredibly comforting and helps us feel safe and secure and loved ❤️
I’d love to hear your best On Guard stories!

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Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

7DAB9E0A-5541-4205-BF44-7EE84D466BF7.jpegOil #2 in my “top 10” series is LEMON! 🍋

This beautiful multi-purpose oil is cold-pressed from the rind and peel of the most incredible organic lemons grown in Sicily on an artisanal farm tended by the same family for 5 generations. The aroma is simply exquisite.

Above all else, lemon essential oil is cleansing. It promotes healthy regular digestion (yup I’m talking about 💩 again here) and your body’s natural detoxification processes. It supports the liver and can work magic on the urinary tract. It can also boost a sluggish metabolism! 🙌

Lemon essential oil is purifying to the skin, too, working as a gentle astringent when diluted with a carrier oil and applied to blemishes.*

In the home, this is an oil that will prompt you to finally ditch those over-priced, dangerous store-bought cleaning products (please!!). I clean literally my entire house with this oil because it removes stains, scum, and grease safely and effectively (leaving behind a gorgeous aroma) 💪

Emotionally, this oil can calm anxious feelings, boost a low mood, and focus a distracted mind.

I diffuse citrus oils at work because they keep my outlook positive and provide a beautiful welcome environment for my patients 🙏🏻

Common uses:
✨ Drink a drop in water 3x daily
✨ Combine with peppermint and lavender to survive the high pollen count
✨ Add to hummus or salad dressings for zingy flavour
✨ Clean windows (with vinegar) or the oven (with bicarbonate) or polish wood furniture (with fractionated coconut oil)
✨ Diffuse to neutralise odours and promote an optimistic outlook

I’d love to hear your best tips/suggestions for using lemon oil! 🍋
(* Lemon oil can cause photosensitivity when used on the skin, so don’t apply before going out in the sun.)

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