doterra experiences RECORD GROWTH WORLDWIDE. Come and be part of it.

doTERRA Continues To Experience Record Growth Worldwide

When it comes to your work, the population would be lying if they said they loved it 100% of the time, but for us it’s different.

Since I found doTERRA Essential Oils, I am forever grateful to work for a company with such huge benefits and it is exciting that these benefits are being explored worldwide.

South Africa is the latest Country to discover these powerful and effective oils, and I want to make sure everyone knows about them.

Here’s some of the amazing  highlights of the international markets:

• Brazil is now open
• Moscow office now open
• Small office in Israel now open
• New office in Milton Keynes, England
• Guatemala is now open
• Columbia opening this summer (Ecuador will be serviced through here)
• Costa Rica is now open
• Malaysia new GM (Ethan Wong) and new office soon
• South Africa should open later in 2018
• Philippines should open early in 2019
• Mexico is moving to a new office due to doubling their size
• Japan is moving to a new office due to doubling their size; new GM Philip Welch
• Australia office doubled their size.

I am so excited to be part of their GROWTH and EXPANSION throughout the world.


doTERRA Essential oils really are here to stay.  They are the world’s largest essential oil company, and they are absolutely committed to seeing a better world and future.

DID YOU KNOW? Are you aware that all of their profits go to ensure that nothing but the world’s most pristine essential oils are made readily available to us? doTERRA are dedicated to the cause of liberating people from poverty and despair by making sure that the planet is taken care of now, rather than later.

Calling South Africa

Are you an ambitious individual with a strong determination to succeed? Do you know people in South Africa and would like to work with one of the fastest growing companies in the world? This time next month you could be our business partner.

doTERRA South Africa opens in October this year, and it is going to be explosive.

JOIN ME TODAY to start on your journey today. What do you have to lose?