How to DETOX naturally…..

A happy life = a healthy life.

Maybe you go to the gym every day and YOU loooooove your juices.

But healthy living doesn’t stop at the gym, it extends to your kitchen…and the rest of the house.

It’s true!

Having a home that is free of toxic chemicals and harmful toxins is one of the best ways to rock your health.

So how do you take your home from danger zone to super clean?

Switch to a diffuser with essential oils instead of air fresheners or harmful fragrances if you like a nice-smelling house.

Filter your H20 so it’s free of contaminants.

Get rid of harmful chemical cleaners that contain chemicals like chlorine and bleach…and switch to green products.

Just making these few simple changes can transform your home and your health!

Does this interest you?

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Here’s to a happy and healthy home.




Leadership vacancies available.

Our team is growing and I have some leadership spots open.

I would love to work with you and support you in building your essential oil business.

How to enrol for dōTERRA Essential oils as a Wellness Advocate.

How to register for your account.

1 Click here to be directed to the Doterra Wholesale Customer enrollment page!

2 Choose your country and language

3 Select Wellness Advocate

4 Put your personal details in the form

5 My Enroller and Sponsor ID: 6067649. (Ensure this ID is showing in Sponsor and Enroller box.) Julie Deuchars

6 Choose your enrollment package :

(Membership price varies in each country is, which is a just a welcome package, however if you purchase the product enrollment kit the enrollment fee is waived)

7 Enrol with the Home Essentials kit ( as this is best value for money)

8 Or alternatively, fill your cart with the essential oils you require or desire to the value of 200PV

9 Pay for the enrolment

10 Checkout with payment

Once you’ve signed up with an account. I will receive an email from dōTERRA with your details. In 3-4 days, we book a consultation to discuss your requirements.

Drop me an email to tell me you’ve joined my team.


Season of Autumn 🍂 Shows us ‘how to embrace change’

As the autumn season sets in, so does some beautiful changes. It’s a time when colours change, moods change, and weather changes.

All the leaves from the trees and plants change into multi-coloured works of art and fall away. It creates bare, and vulnerable branches, revealing the true scenery underneath.

It also represents a beautiful cycle of loss, regeneration and regrowth once the spring season comes around. By doing so shows us how to embrace change.

The dead leaves and branches on the ground disintegrate and turn into part of the soil, which are used as seeds and fertiliser later once the cold welcomes the warmer weather.

Many people love this season because of its romantic aspect.  And I am one of them.

Larch Valley Moraine Lake area Alberta Canada.

Larch Valley, Moraine Lake Alberta Canada.
Valley of the Ten Peaks

I was privileged enough to take a vacation in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada during the fall of 2016. The main reason for visiting during fall, was to be able to witness the changing colours of the trees.

Morants Curve.
Bow Valley Parkway from Castle Mountain chalets to Lake Louise.

Here are 15 reasons why autumn is one of the greatest seasons ever.

  1. The trees change colour and look really pretty – yes with the changes in temperature you will notice the leaves starting to turn a beautiful orange and yellow welcoming the changing season.
  2. The ground along streets and parks, positivity gleam with autumn flare – of a night the city lights gleam against the ground and any fallen leaves making for a spectacular view as you walk along with friends.
  3. It seems like the world becomes more atmospheric – due to the beautiful changes you may feel like the world has a wonderful atmospheric feel and aura about it.
  4. There are plenty of leaves to kick – because of the falling leaves, it gives you more reason to have fun with friends kicking the leaves up in the air.
  5. There are also plenty of leaves to jump into – many people love making leaf piles and falling into them. It is great fun. Even in my 50’s I still love doing this.
  6. There are plenty of conkers to smash – Conkers fall off the trees and there are plenty around, making it the perfect smashing season. Also good to bring into the house, to keep the spiders 🕷 away.
  7. It’s the season for the best rainy weather – during the autumn season, it gives you a chance to dance in the rain. Although I don’t need this excuse. 😂
  8. Mornings are golden and may be misty – the autumn mornings bring a wonderful misty feel that is quiet and alluring for morning walkers.
  9. You can enjoy autumn season flavours with pumpkin spiced lattes and other pumpkin-flavoured food – pumpkin flavours are always a favourite for everyone, and with the changing season, you can really taste new and exciting things that are perfect for everyone to enjoy!
  10. You can enjoy slow-cooked foods, hot pudding and hot coffee than any other season – in your quiet time you can sit back, relax and unwind with your comfort foods – yum!.
  11. You get to wear some fashionable warmer clothes – with the onset of the cooler weather the warmer fashion pieces come out to play with plenty of style.
  12. You can enjoy all the seasonal TV shows – during autumn there are many favourite TV shows that always come around each year that will get you hooked.
  13. Enjoy a candlelit bath and add a romantic feel to your home and relationship – autumn is the time for romance to flare so why not set into motion some extra touches to make your evening extra special.
  14. You know that Christmas is around the corner – winter is never far away when the autumn season comes around and the feeling of excitement starts to flare up within you!
  15. With the changeover in daylight saving you can enjoy a whole new extra hour – with daylight savings coming to an end you can do more things with the extra hour that you will gain.

I hope you like Autumn as much as I do. 🍂

The importance of Living a life that MATTERS.


I wanted to share this with you all.

The three lines which resonate with me are ~

»What will matter is not your success, but your SIGNIFICANCE

»What will matter is not what you learned, but what you TAUGHT.

»What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that ENRICHED, EMPOWERED OR ENCOURAGED others to emulate your example.

»What will matter is not your competence, but your CHARACTER.

Remember that living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by choice.

Julie 💖

Meet my adopted Orangutans Rocky and Rickina.

I want to introduce you to, my adopted Orangutans Rocky and Rickina.

Its a week ago since I adopted these rather cute guys, and it’s a decision that I will never regret making. It’s not only about making a difference in this world with human beings, but it’s also about the impact you can have on the entire universe, which includes the animal kingdom.

I’m personally a lover of all animals, and this was the perfect opportunity to adopt Rocky and Rickina.

Check out the project below to see the fantastic work they do, to rehabilitate these orphans back into the wild.

Heres a Little Information about my adoptees.


My donation of £14 a month, goes towards providing care for their needs as well as all the infants at the care centre to ensure they continue to grow as healthy as possible before hopefully being released back into the Wild.

Rocky and Rickinas care includes 24 hour staff care and veterinary care, food, enrichment and of course, forest school where they learn all those orangutan skills which would have be provided by their mummy.


Why DōTERRA as a business opportunity?

I’m not the kind of person to talk about money, but if you’re interested in what dōTERRA Essential Oils can do for you as a business, this is where you can learn more.

I truly, honestly believe that as far as a network marketing company, you will not find a better compensation plan for people that want to pursue this as a business.

Why? Because dōTERRA commissions INCREASE as your team grows deeper. You make 2% on your first level, but you can make 7% on your 7th level. Why is this significant?

-1- Because as your business develops and grows, and your team grows, you will likely have more people on those lower levels meaning more income for you with the SAME number of people as if it was done like most network marketing companies where your highest commission are on your first level.


-2- This encourages you to build your team deep. You add people vertically instead of horizontally. Your teammates also benefit from the downline, they make more money, everyone does better, and retention is stronger! Everyone wins! For an altruistic personality like me, I love that dōTERRA encourages me financially to help my entire team succeed. This is what encourages me to help and support my team to succeed.

doTERRA Wellness Advocates make money 5 ways:

-1- Retail

-2- Unilevel Commissions

-3- Power of 3 Bonuses

-4- Fast Start Bonuses and

-5- Leadership Pool Shares.

While I won’t go over each of those, I am happy to explain it to anyone that would like. Just contact me! In the mean time, here is where you can find the full dōTERRA Compensation Plan:

So what are real dōTERRA Wellness Advocates actually making? It’s not that cut and dry. The vast majority of dōTERRA members are just in it, to use and love their oils, so when looking at the number that succeed in creating supplementary or even replacement income, it’s important to keep that in mind. Here’s what dōTERRA has to say:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.36.11 PM

For the full story on this, please check out the full Income Disclosure Statement here:

For those actually pursuing the business, it is absolutely possible to make money. I personally know several people that have made it to the higher leadership ranks and are making real money. Will you make money? As with any business, it depends a lot on the time and effort you put in. Ideally at least 10 hours a week to begin with.

I always recommend that people get into dōTERRA because they want to use Essential Oils and natural solutions for their families needs. It’s important that you end up living and breathing the oils.

From spiritual to physical, emotional to environmental…these gorgeous oils will cover all your needs.💧🍃

My first goal was to make enough to cover the products I was using. My second has been to build a residual income base.

I have a strong ‘why’ and I’m putting a great deal time and effort into sharing dōTERRA.

So far, I have been able to reach my goals, and I can only see myself going up from here as I share something I LOVE, I believe in, and I’m passionate about sharing! Will you join me?

As soon as you purchase you get access to my private education, resources and our oils Tribe! I will mentor and support you during your time with me.

Why not tell a friend or more who needs support, balance and healing, and who would  also like to have a business in Essential Oils.

With the increasing numbers of people globally looking for alternative ways of managing their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, the essential oil business is growing at a remarkable rate.

Sign up now

You can join our tribe from just about anywhere in the world! Including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries.

How to deal with Negative Emotions.

We, as Human beings are incredibly emotional creatures. While it’s impossible to deny or ignore this basic fact of what it means to be human, you can learn how to confront your emotions with wisdom and maturity.

For personal and professional relationships to flourish, negative emotions should be handled carefully, so that a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect can be built.

So how exactly do you responsibly deal with your negative emotions?

1. Look Honestly at Yourself
Justifying or rationalising negative emotions won’t serve you well. While it may be difficult to do in the heat of the moment, you need to look at how you are reacting to a situation with total honesty.

Typically, people are unable to acknowledge that their behaviour was improper. They would rather justify their anger, fear, hatred, pride, stubbornness, and resentment than acknowledge that it does not serve them or others. Hanging on to these negative emotions only tend to ‘eat you up inside’ and you find you’re stuck in that particular situation and have difficulty moving on from it.

Step back from this stubborn desire to be right, and notice how your emotional responses are affecting those around you.

2. Communicate Constructively
The expression of negative emotions is the hallmark of the inability to communicate maturely. If events occur that trigger your negative emotions, you need to reflect, ponder, and explore what is at the root of that outburst. If another person’s behaviour was inappropriate, you need to find a way to communicate that to them in a constructive manner. Dumping on other people is destructive.

You could say that self-honesty is about communicating with yourself, and the next step is being able to say what needs to be said to others. If you can do that, you gain tremendous respect.

Just to acknowledge, “Hey, I was out of ‘balance’ or ‘out of order’ the other day,” goes a long way. Maybe you could throw a “sorry” in at the end of that, or not. It doesn’t have to be long, drawn out, melodramatic, and emotional. Just a simple acknowledgement is usually quite sufficient and deeply appreciated. Saying sorry means you are the ‘bigger person’ in regards to maturity.  Anyone that has the ability to say sorry to me, has my upmost respect. Sadly, not everyone can do this simple thing. This is something we need to realise.

3. Find a Vent
Stuffing your emotions is no way to deal with them. You need to respect your physiology. If you feel like exploding or crumbling, then you may well need to do that. You just need to find channels to do it properly. This will look different for different people. Some people may need to just take a walk or a shower, perhaps get a good night’s sleep, or exercise to blow off steam. You just need to find what works for you. Think about what you are going to say rationally, I know this is hard in the ‘heat of the moment’ and I can honestly say that I’ve been guilty of venting my emotions and then after the deed is done, totally regret what came out of mouth. You have to remember once those words are said, you can’t take them back. Even if you didn’t mean them at the time, the recipient will always remember those hurtful words. I’ve recently had some experience of this, where someone close to me, said something very hurtful. I’m still trying to deal with this issue even 8 months after the event.

A word of caution, though: don’t overindulge. It’s one thing to let it out. It’s another thing to try to put out the fire by fanning the flame. Excessive venting (catharsis) feeds negative emotions. Talking through an issue with others can be helpful, but it can easily lead to gossip, which is destructive.

A very powerful technique is to just lie down, close your eyes, and allow your awareness to feel into your body. You may feel like thrashing, you may feel a tightness in your chest, or a headache. Just be with it. If it needs to unravel through movement or sound, so be it. But often at times, just allowing yourself to lie there and feel it is quite sufficient. This is, incidentally, a very effective technique to get to sleep at night. You don’t need to necessarily name it, just feel it.

4. Practice Self-Care
Often at times negative emotions are the byproduct of not taking care of your body. It is as if negative energy builds up in your heart, your mind, and physiology over time. When that’s the case, it comes out eventually. With proper self-care, your world view can take on a whole new quality.

I’m very good at ‘brushing stuff under the carpet’, or ‘putting it away in a box inside of me’. The only downside to doing this is, you never deal with that particular issue at the time, and sometime later when you’re least expecting it, all those negative emotions coming flooding back. And they’ll be still as raw and as strong as the day you were first confronted with them.

Self-care can include a regular massage, exercise, proper diet, and proper meditation. It is amazing how little exercise is required to make a big difference. Even 15 or 20 minutes a few times a week in the gym can do the trick.

Studies have shown, that being surrounded by trees is essential to alleviating negative emotions. So go hug the first tree that you come across. I do this, as often as I can. It’s quite liberating.

Also, getting out into the fresh air and out into countryside have a profound affect on our health and well-being. Being surrounded by nature, brings a grounding and calming affect to our mental state. On a personal level, I found this to be true on many an occasion. If I’m ever feeling those negative emotions, the first place I head to is the sea. Here, I find solace watching the waves ebb backwards and forwards, listening to the waves crashing onto the beach,

Implementing these four simple techniques for managing negative emotions will have a huge effect on your personal health and happiness.

Allowing negative emotions to dictate your actions can have disastrous consequences, in how you feel and how you interact with those around you on a daily basis. Investing in your emotional well-being is like having a savings account that accrues over time.

While we may not be able to retire our negative emotions, we can learn to address them with wisdom and maturity by remembering these four points.

Later, I will explore with you how to use essential oils with negative emotions.

If you have any thoughts on this. I would love for you to leave me a comment.