Why you should Create your own dōTERRA business.

When you say yes to partnering with me to create your own dōTERRA business here’s what you’re really saying yes to-

You’re saying yes to bringing hope to people. Physically, emotionally and financially.

Every time you purchase and help others purchase these incredible oils and products you’re saying yes to supporting farmers/growers and communities as well as the 40+ other locations globally, 20 of which are developing. You’re literally supporting THOUSANDS of jobs globally with fair, on time, wages and conditions and creating real hope in these communities.

You’re saying yes to supporting small businesses (like me!) who care about you, your health, your family and the environment.

You’re saying YES to being involved and giving back to causes you are passionate about like the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation which creates incredible hope for people nationally and internationally and bringing more people in so we have an even greater capacity to serve and make a real difference.

You’re saying yes to following a clear, done for you path and to me having your back and pulling the BEST out of you.

You’re saying yes to creating TOTAL financial freedom and genuine residual income in four years or less when you continually and consistently share the gifts we have to offer with others and help others that want to share.

You’re saying yes to being part of a community of absolute legends. To a culture of support, encouragement, love and acceptance of YOU!!

You’re saying a massive yes to stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the inner and outer work to create a life you absolutely love.

Join me. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing beautiful people thrive and create total fulfilment in their lives.

You can join my tribe from just about anywhere in the world! Including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries.
As soon as you join, you get access to private education, resources and our oils Tribe!  Including my team of Wellness Advocates which include women and a number of men.

When you make the decision to join myself and my team of Wellness Advocates, this is the page you will need to go and visit.

Apply here https://mydoterra.com/juliedeuchars


To join you will need to go to the section join and save. Enter your personal details and the oils you wish to purchase.



The REAL meaning of Wealth.

Most people want to be wealthy. Yet although they chase money, wealth can be very elusive. Have you’ve been chasing money, and find that you just keep running?Are you …

THE PIPELINE STORY (carrying buckets vs. building a pipeline)

The ESSENCE of a true business owner is that they work ON the business, instead of IN the business, like an employee or self employed person does.

Here’s a story that illustrates this distinction.

There was a small island in the Pacific Ocean where the natives were dependent upon a well in the centre of their village. One day the well suddenly ran dry. The village leaders called an emergency meeting to discuss what to do about it. After a long debate, they accepted two offers on solving this problem with the agreement that they would earn 25 cents per gallon delivered.

The first person promised to deliver water immediately. He began hauling two buckets of water back and forth from a nearby lake to the well. He made money immediately, and he kept very busy-12-14 hours a day.

The other person was a woman. She also promised to deliver water, but explained that it would take six months. She hired a contractor to construct a pump and a pipeline from the lake to the well. After six months of building the pipeline, which included a meter to measure the number of gallons coming through the pipeline, she had the pump turned on.  Now she could rest and relax, and collect her residual income the rest of her life.

The point of this story is that the ideal business is one that will create for you and your family, a FINANCIAL PIPELINE OF PASSIVE INCOME that could last for the rest of your life. We call this residual income. This is where you have real freedom-the freedom to do what you really want with your life.

Would you agree that most people are carrying buckets, trading time for money, and are NOT very free?

We teach people how to build a financial pipeline so that they can be free to do what they really want with their life.

Does that make sense to you?

You can join our tribe from just about anywhere in the world! Including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries.



Begin your oils Journey today.

I’m offering you the chance to join my Soulful Voice Oils Tribe and begin your oils journey today.

WARNING: It will blow your mind, heal your body and offer you the chance of wild abundance!

I’m about to close my BIGGEST MONTH in business.
To give back I’m offering a FREE OILS MENTORSHIP to lead and guide you to create your own successful oils business.
The only cost to you is your gorgeous oils kit that will launch your business AND you’ll get over $50 of FREE oils until the end of JULY!


+ A step by step plan to launch, share and build your business (in person or online)
+ Education and resources that will keep you hungry for more
+ A gorgeous community of soulsisters to grow alongside, cheer you on and help you to create your dream life and business
+ Access to incredible global leaders and endless mindset and business trainings to elevate your mind, spirit and soul
+ A deeply transformative journey that your soul will thank you for
+ My high vibe mentorship to lead you into action that feels aligned with your goals

+ Your commitment to your business at a level that feels expansive for you ( I want you to grow massively but you have to desire this for yourself) and hang around even when it feels tough (which it will)
+ You living your life using, breathing and LOVING oils
+ A minimum of 10 hours/week to learn and take action in your business (more if you want to RANK advance super fast)
+ Your dedication to becoming the best version of yourself and sharing oils with others
+ You being driven, motivated and resourceful (these type of women excel in this business)
+ A strong desire to feel better and help others to empower themselves to make SIMPLE holistic health decisions
+ You’re ready to invest in an oils kit to get started as the products are key to the success you will experience

To join my OILS MENTORSHIP, please contact me!

We have limited spaces due to the beautiful momentum happening right now.


Free Copaiba oil worth $50, and Wild Orange 🍊 JULY ONLY!

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Kickstart your business with the Home Essentials Enrollment Kit.

Home Essentials Enrollment Kit
Great way to kick start your dōTERRA business
Home Essentials Enrollment Kit
Great kit for personal use and sharing the benefits of EO’s with others. Business Kit

The Home Essentials Enrollment Kit is a good way of introducing essential oils into your daily lifestyle.

Contents included in the kit are as follows:-

15ml Peppermint EO

15ml Melaleuca EO

15ml Onguard Blend EO

15ml Air/Breathe Blend EO

15ml Lavender EO

15ml Oregano EO

15ml Zengest Blend EO

15ml Frankincense EO

15ml Lemon EO

5ml Deep Blue Blend EO

Ultasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Europe Enrollments can enjoy 20% off the purchase of the Home Essentials Kit until the end of August 2018.

To purchase visit http://mydoterra.com/holistichealthandwellbeinggroup