Today I want you to look at life through the filter of a natural metaphor.

Imagine your life is a garden. You have limited water 💦 and need to leave space for each plant 🌱 to flourish. Some may be bigger and more important to you than others. Some you may not even like but you are obliged to keep them there.

Think what’s important to you.

What would make in into your LIFE GARDEN?






What’s important in your life?

List these items and then imagine how much energy need to go into the sustained growth of each.

Think of your energy as the water 💦 you need to nourish and grow each plant.

It comes in the currency of time, effort, willpower, and attention.

If you were to adequately nourish each plant, what would it take?

Some may require more time and energy than others. Make an allowance for that.

New cars 🚘 cost money 💰. If you want one, you’ll either need to make more (which means more water in the career area) or takeaway some funds from your family or elsewhere.

Take a cold hard look at what you say you VALUE and then reconcile that against how much water (time, energy, attention, money, focus) you have to keep that plant alive.

Can you manage to keep certain plants alive while directing the flow of water to certain others for the time being?

Get realistic about how many plants you need to water and cultivate. You have room for 5 – 10 plants 🌱 and that’s it.

Guard against any new ones that may be introduced into your garden, and pull up the ones that are sucking valuable resources away from your most important plants. Consider these as WEEDS.

It takes time and focus, and dedication, but it is critically important.

By saying YES to something new, you’re effectively saying no to your existing plants. You’ll find yourself watering newcomer weeds and diverting away from plants you’ve deemed important in your life.

Does this sound familiar?

This practice will help you grow more MINDFUL.

It’s important to set a LIFE GARDEN and then use it as a filter to see if new plants can root.

Does something fall within the domain of an existing plant?

If so, how much water 💦 will it pull from others?

Can you afford the shift? Is it a completely new plant?

Where will you draw the water from to make room for It?

Is this the best use of your resources? Be Honest.

The practice used here is QIQONG

QIQGONG means energy work ( Qi = energy and GONG = work)

It’s the cultivation of ones personal energy through yogic practice.

The actual term GONG is used to describe your practice here.

Over time with qigong and meditation 🧘‍♀️, you’ll have acccess to more ENERGY, PERSONAL POWER and CLARITY.

Using the life garden metaphor can help you to be honest about how much time and energy you have to commit to things. This way you don’t overcommit, and you also simultaneously avoid the stress and regret that come with not getting things done.

When we align our goals with our plans, we plug into our FOCUS and WILLPOWER to make it work.

I hope you’ve found this interesting.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and how you’ve got on assembling your life garden.

Much love in 2019



Author: holistichealthandwellbeinggroup

Welcome to Julie Deuchars blog on health and wellness. Whether you’re a seasoned dōTERRA expert or want to learn more about essential oils and their uses in promoting a healthy lifestyle, then you have reached the right place to do so. Julie is a registered nurse and has worked in both the NHS and private sector. With 33 years of nursing experience under her belt. She wanted to use alternative remedies for her own health by incorporating the use of essential oils into her wellness routine. After using the oils herself, she soon realised the power of these oils and became a Wellness Advocate. She felt so passionate about empowering others. The aim of Julie’s blog is to educate you in the safe and effective use of essential oils. Empowering you to build your own income from the oils. She will help to get you addicted, as much she is herself. If you’re interested in being part of her team, either as a wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate. Julie will support and mentor you whilst on your journey to freedom. Please contact her via the blog or at her dōTERRA website or alternatively Email

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