Season of Autumn 🍂 Shows us ‘how to embrace change’

As the autumn season sets in, so does some beautiful changes. It’s a time when colours change, moods change, and weather changes.

All the leaves from the trees and plants change into multi-coloured works of art and fall away. It creates bare, and vulnerable branches, revealing the true scenery underneath.

It also represents a beautiful cycle of loss, regeneration and regrowth once the spring season comes around. By doing so shows us how to embrace change.

The dead leaves and branches on the ground disintegrate and turn into part of the soil, which are used as seeds and fertiliser later once the cold welcomes the warmer weather.

Many people love this season because of its romantic aspect.  And I am one of them.

Larch Valley Moraine Lake area Alberta Canada.

Larch Valley, Moraine Lake Alberta Canada.
Valley of the Ten Peaks

I was privileged enough to take a vacation in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada during the fall of 2016. The main reason for visiting during fall, was to be able to witness the changing colours of the trees.

Morants Curve.
Bow Valley Parkway from Castle Mountain chalets to Lake Louise.

Here are 15 reasons why autumn is one of the greatest seasons ever.

  1. The trees change colour and look really pretty – yes with the changes in temperature you will notice the leaves starting to turn a beautiful orange and yellow welcoming the changing season.
  2. The ground along streets and parks, positivity gleam with autumn flare – of a night the city lights gleam against the ground and any fallen leaves making for a spectacular view as you walk along with friends.
  3. It seems like the world becomes more atmospheric – due to the beautiful changes you may feel like the world has a wonderful atmospheric feel and aura about it.
  4. There are plenty of leaves to kick – because of the falling leaves, it gives you more reason to have fun with friends kicking the leaves up in the air.
  5. There are also plenty of leaves to jump into – many people love making leaf piles and falling into them. It is great fun. Even in my 50’s I still love doing this.
  6. There are plenty of conkers to smash – Conkers fall off the trees and there are plenty around, making it the perfect smashing season. Also good to bring into the house, to keep the spiders 🕷 away.
  7. It’s the season for the best rainy weather – during the autumn season, it gives you a chance to dance in the rain. Although I don’t need this excuse. 😂
  8. Mornings are golden and may be misty – the autumn mornings bring a wonderful misty feel that is quiet and alluring for morning walkers.
  9. You can enjoy autumn season flavours with pumpkin spiced lattes and other pumpkin-flavoured food – pumpkin flavours are always a favourite for everyone, and with the changing season, you can really taste new and exciting things that are perfect for everyone to enjoy!
  10. You can enjoy slow-cooked foods, hot pudding and hot coffee than any other season – in your quiet time you can sit back, relax and unwind with your comfort foods – yum!.
  11. You get to wear some fashionable warmer clothes – with the onset of the cooler weather the warmer fashion pieces come out to play with plenty of style.
  12. You can enjoy all the seasonal TV shows – during autumn there are many favourite TV shows that always come around each year that will get you hooked.
  13. Enjoy a candlelit bath and add a romantic feel to your home and relationship – autumn is the time for romance to flare so why not set into motion some extra touches to make your evening extra special.
  14. You know that Christmas is around the corner – winter is never far away when the autumn season comes around and the feeling of excitement starts to flare up within you!
  15. With the changeover in daylight saving you can enjoy a whole new extra hour – with daylight savings coming to an end you can do more things with the extra hour that you will gain.

I hope you like Autumn as much as I do. 🍂


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