Kate McGill. A song for Mum.

For my wonderful Mum

I am crying throughout this – sorry. I’m in so much pain honestly. Just had to get some thoughts out and I share everything online so why not share this. Love to you all x

PS – this song is up on my Bandcamp – and any help at all is massively appreciated. Even if you wanna buy it for just 1 pound. Money is super tight at the moment with travelling home and eating elsewhere a lot. It’s been a gross week. Thanks very much xx


I’d like to introduce you to Kate McGill, lead singer in the band Meadowlark.

This beautiful girl started singing in her bathroom and posting her songs to YouTube.

You may ask, how do I know Kate. Well, firstly she is a dear friend of my son Joshua. They’ve known each other since senior school. She’s also the daughter of the lady who unexpectedly passed away over a week ago now. My friend and counsellor to me.


Here is Joanna McGill, Kate’s mother. RIP dear Joanna, I’m still reeling over the shock that you’re no longer with us on this earth.

Please listen to this heartbreaking song, from a daughter who has tragically lost her mum. I know when I heard this song for the first time yesterday evening, I ended up breaking my heart. Just seeing this beautiful girl in so much pain, trying to come to terms with the fact her mum has passed away. And yet, Kate’s beautiful voice, entracing you to the words of her song. Surely, such pain will resonate with each and everyone of us, who has sadly lost a parent.

The reason why I’m writing this post, is because last evening. I couldn’t bear the pain this beautiful child was suffering, and realising from what she had written about being financially tight at the moment. I had to do something to make the situation somewhat easier  for Kate. Not only is it stupidly horrific that she’s trying to comprehend the death of her mother, that she is also worrying about money.

In my heart I knew I had to do something, even if it was just a small gesture. I rang my son Joshua. And asked did he have enough money in his account to give to Kate and that I’d make a bank transfer in the meantime to his account to cover it.

My son said this touching words to me ….Love you loads. Thanks for doing that for Kate, she was very touched xx

i emphasised to Joshua that I wasn’t expecting any kind of thanks for what I’d done. But that beautiful girl, even throughout all the pain she’s in right now…wrote to me today.  Here are Kate’s words…

When Josh rang me last night to tell me of your extremely generous donation towards me and my life – I couldn’t get over it! Was just so overwhelmed at your geneoristy and kindness. I am so grateful, thank you so so much. Sending you all of my love and hope to see you next week Xxxxxx

The morale of my ramblings is this….even the smallest gesture of mankind, (when the person you’re helping is in  the darkest hour of their life,)just how it can have such an remarkable effect on a single human being.

So, I’m asking a very small favour of you, if you’d like to donate via the link underneath the video. I would be overwhelmed by your generosity to one very lost soul right now. The amount is insignificant, it’s the mere fact that you’ve cared enough about Kate as much as I have, which will be the biggest gesture of mankind.

Lots of love to you all. Julie 💖



One thought on “Kate McGill. A song for Mum.”

  1. Beautiful, yet sad post. I loved her song and found it on YouTube because for some reason my sound wouldn’t play on it via WordPress.

    I see she has thousands of followers. I hope she can make a living from her music. It’s a tough business. My husband is a songwriter and has over 400 songs professionally produced in Nashville TN, and yet royalties are a trickle and forget about fame. He is an artist too, and made more money as an artist (even selling t-shirts), than from his music.

    Here’s his latest CD:


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