Why you should Create your own dōTERRA business.

When you say yes to partnering with me to create your own dōTERRA business here’s what you’re really saying yes to-

You’re saying yes to bringing hope to people. Physically, emotionally and financially.

Every time you purchase and help others purchase these incredible oils and products you’re saying yes to supporting farmers/growers and communities as well as the 40+ other locations globally, 20 of which are developing. You’re literally supporting THOUSANDS of jobs globally with fair, on time, wages and conditions and creating real hope in these communities.

You’re saying yes to supporting small businesses (like me!) who care about you, your health, your family and the environment.

You’re saying YES to being involved and giving back to causes you are passionate about like the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation which creates incredible hope for people nationally and internationally and bringing more people in so we have an even greater capacity to serve and make a real difference.

You’re saying yes to following a clear, done for you path and to me having your back and pulling the BEST out of you.

You’re saying yes to creating TOTAL financial freedom and genuine residual income in four years or less when you continually and consistently share the gifts we have to offer with others and help others that want to share.

You’re saying yes to being part of a community of absolute legends. To a culture of support, encouragement, love and acceptance of YOU!!

You’re saying a massive yes to stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the inner and outer work to create a life you absolutely love.

Join me. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing beautiful people thrive and create total fulfilment in their lives.

You can join my tribe from just about anywhere in the world! Including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries.
As soon as you join, you get access to private education, resources and our oils Tribe!  Including my team of Wellness Advocates which include women and a number of men.

When you make the decision to join myself and my team of Wellness Advocates, this is the page you will need to go and visit.

Apply here https://mydoterra.com/juliedeuchars


To join you will need to go to the section join and save. Enter your personal details and the oils you wish to purchase.



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