Ever thought it was strange that you put Essential Oils on the soles of your feet?

Ever thought it was strange that people put essential oils on the bottoms of their feet?

Here’s a breakdown of why the feet (and hands) are such great places to apply your oils……..

The soles of your feet have five layers of skin and no hair follicles.

The glands on your feet are particularly absorbent and can quickly pull the essential oil into the bloodstream. When applied to the entire foot, traces of essential oil can be found throughout the body within 20 minutes.

Pretty amazing right. Apply an oil to your foot and that oil will be found up in your head in a matter of minutes!

This is because your soles and palms are the only sites on your body without sebaceous glands which produces a substance called “sebum”.

Sebum is produced by sebaceous glands all over the skin and is an oily substance that functions as a protective shield and protects us from absorbing foreign materials.

Because the palms of your hands and soles of your feet do not have sebaceous glands, there is no barrier between the essential oils which makes them an excellent place to apply essential oils topically.

Did you know that every nerve line in the body ends in the feet.
According to research, each foot has 7,200 nerve endings. These nerves are mined with message receptors and transmitters that create neurological pathways like super highways along your entire body.

When we apply oil to the bottom of our feet, consider it akin to taking a FAST route along a superhighway system to get to the places in our body that most need the oils because of the presence of the nerves in our feet.

Though the absorption is slower, the delivery is profound. Absorption is slower on the feet because the there are thicker dermis layers on the foot. This is GREAT. It prologs the delivery potential of the oils without affecting the effect because the oils are influencing the nerve receptors…. remember, the super highways.

Slower absorption, AND faster delivery = more efficient use of oils.

The feet are also less prone to sensitivity or irritation which makes them a great location for little ones or the elderly. When in doubt, go for the feet.

Don’t forget that when we apply an essential oil topically, we are absorbing much of that oil through our hands before we even apply it to our body.

Did you know the entire body is represented by the feet? For example, the big toe is your head, the insides of both feet represent the spine and the middle of our feet near the arch is our kidneys and adrenal glands.

By applying essential oils to specific locations on our feet we can profoundly influence areas of the body away from the feet and also vital organs.

Pretty awesome right?

I’ve been using Bergamot on the soles of my feet today.

There are many unique attributes of Bergamot that set it apart from other citrus oils, including the exclusivity of where it is grown, the fact that it is a bitter fruit that produces sweet oil, and its ability to create an uplifting and calming environment, just to name a few. Commonly used for soothing skin, in massage, and to purify and uplift, Bergamot essential oil is my versatile go-to favourite at dōTERRA.9849141D-9342-4BA4-987A-9CCF3501B8E3

Want to find out more about essential oils, click on the link below.



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