Which chemical components found in essential oils, are beneficial for sleeping?

Which chemical components contain properties that are useful for sleep?

Because each essential oil has a different chemical makeup, some essential oils are more useful for sleep than others.

So which chemical components make an essential oil particularly useful for sleep?

Let’s discuss a few chemical groups that are known to have benefits for promoting healthy sleep by relaxing, soothing, and calming the body and mind.

Commonly found in essential oils, alcohols are chemical groups that are composed of a hydrogen and an oxygen atom.

Essential oils that contain alcohols can have a number of possible benefits including cleansing properties, protection against environmental threats, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system, helping to uplift the mood, and, of course, supporting restful sleep.

Alcohols that have the potential to promote restful sleep typically include the chemicals santalol and linalool.

Essential oils containing alcohols that support restful sleep are as follows:
• Oil: Clary Sage Chemical constituent: linalool
• Oil: Lavender Chemical constituent: linalool
• Oil: Sandalwood Chemical constituent: santalol

Characterised as a chemical group that features an oxygen with a double bond that always occurs somewhere in the middle of a carbon chain, Ketones are frequently found in essential oils.

Oils that contain ketones may help improve the appearance of the skin, can support healthy respiratory function, sometimes promote healthy digestion, or provide calming properties that are useful for supporting sleep. Ketones with calming properties include the chemicals carvone, camphor, frenchone, and octanone.

Essential oils containing ketones with calming properties are:
• Oil: Dill Chemical constituent: carvone
• Oil: Lavender Chemical constituent: frenchone

Formed when a reaction occurs between an alcohol and a carboxylic acid, esters are known as a chemical group that provides essential oils with a variety of benefits.

The main benefits of esters include calming, relaxing, and soothing effects on mood, helping to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, and a soothing, warming sensation when applied topically.

The calming and relaxing properties of esters can make essential oils with this chemical group helpful for promoting sleep.

Essential oils containing esters with calming, relaxing, and soothing effects on mood are:

• Oil: Dill Chemical constituent: carvone
• Oil: Lavender Chemical constituent: frenchone
• Oil: Roman Chamomile Chemical constituent: isobutyl
acetate, isoamyl angelate
• Oil: Clary Sage Chemical constituent: linalyl acetate
• Oil: Lavender Chemical constituent: linalyl acetate
• Oil: Bergamot Chemical constituent: linalyl acetate

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