Why do people follow Leaders?

As a leader, it is important to understand why people follow.

John Maxwell in his book 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership noted that 85 percent of people say they became leaders because they first followed. All great leaders started as great followers.
In a study conducted by Gallup over a three-year period, 10,000 participants were asked to consider specific leaders who had the most positive influence and made the biggest difference in their lives. Distinct patterns emerged, clearly revealing the four most consistent needs of followers:
1 TRUST Honesty, integrity, and respect are key to strong relationships of trust. You don’t convince someone you are trustworthy. You earn trust. Keep your word. Successful collaboration and teamwork are the fruits of strong teams.

2 COMPASSION Care, friendship, empathy, love, and genuine compassion are the most significant experiences that create followership. Higher levels of engagement, retention, productivity, and profitability are staggering when people matter to someone else.

3 STABILITY Security, strength, constancy, peace, and dependable support let followers know you are consistently who you say you are and that your core values are stable. The best leaders can be counted on in times of need and when it matters most.

4 HOPE Direction, faith, and confidence drive a follower’s belief and enthusiasm for the future. Your certainty in the path to success motivates your followers to believe partnering with you will lead them to their own. Hope fuels achievement and when lost or absent, disengagement rapidly rises.
I make a leadership commitment to always serve my followers and team members.


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