Begin your oils Journey today.

I’m offering you the chance to join my Soulful Voice Oils Tribe and begin your oils journey today.

WARNING: It will blow your mind, heal your body and offer you the chance of wild abundance!

I’m about to close my BIGGEST MONTH in business.
To give back I’m offering a FREE OILS MENTORSHIP to lead and guide you to create your own successful oils business.
The only cost to you is your gorgeous oils kit that will launch your business AND you’ll get over $50 of FREE oils until the end of JULY! 

+ A step by step plan to launch, share and build your business (in person or online)
+ Education and resources that will keep you hungry for more
+ A gorgeous community of soulsisters to grow alongside, cheer you on and help you to create your dream life and business
+ Access to incredible global leaders and endless mindset and business trainings to elevate your mind, spirit and soul
+ A deeply transformative journey that your soul will thank you for
+ My high vibe mentorship to lead you into action that feels aligned with your goals

+ Your commitment to your business at a level that feels expansive for you ( I want you to grow massively but you have to desire this for yourself) and hang around even when it feels tough (which it will)
+ You living your life using, breathing and LOVING oils
+ A minimum of 10 hours/week to learn and take action in your business (more if you want to RANK advance super fast)
+ Your dedication to becoming the best version of yourself and sharing oils with others
+ You being driven, motivated and resourceful (these type of women excel in this business)
+ A strong desire to feel better and help others to empower themselves to make SIMPLE holistic health decisions
+ You’re ready to invest in an oils kit to get started as the products are key to the success you will experience

To join my OILS MENTORSHIP, please contact me!

We have limited spaces due to the beautiful momentum happening right now.


Free Copaiba oil worth $50, and Wild Orange 🍊 JULY ONLY!

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Author: holistichealthandwellbeinggroup

Welcome to Julie Deuchars blog on health and wellness. Whether you’re a seasoned dōTERRA expert or want to learn more about essential oils and their uses in promoting a healthy lifestyle, then you have reached the right place to do so. Julie is a registered nurse and has worked in both the NHS and private sector. With 33 years of nursing experience under her belt. She wanted to use alternative remedies for her own health by incorporating the use of essential oils into her wellness routine. After using the oils herself, she soon realised the power of these oils and became a Wellness Advocate. She felt so passionate about empowering others. The aim of Julie’s blog is to educate you in the safe and effective use of essential oils. Empowering you to build your own income from the oils. She will help to get you addicted, as much she is herself. If you’re interested in being part of her team, either as a wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate. Julie will support and mentor you whilst on your journey to freedom. Please contact her via the blog or at her dōTERRA website or alternatively Email

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