Food Supplements you can take to support your Health & Well-being.

Let me give you a very brief outline of a supplement I take on a daily basis, which assists my body to deal with pain, increased energy levels, feeling better emotionally and improved sleep.

“Life Long Vitality is a supplement system designed specifically for different regions of the world.

Most people who take it experience less pain, less inflammation, more energy, better moods and better sleep.


Let me explain why:
The Microplex VMz is our whole food vitamin and mineral complex. Vitamins must be taken wth minerals or they can not be absorbed. Many popular vitamins don’t have this combo, rending the vitamins ineffective.

The xEO Mega contains the proper balance of Essential 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Because our brains are 80% fatty acids, we need to be taking omega’s or we are literally starving our brains. Many of us do not get enough fatty acids from our foods – which is why a daily supplement is necessary.

Alpha CRS is our antioxidant blend. It is designed to help your cells function properly and is what many of us attribute to our increase in energy.

I’ve been taking these supplements for the past few months. You’re probably wondering why I felt the need to do so.

For the past year or two, I’ve suffered with decreased energy levels, insomnia, low mood and my weight has fluctuated for no apparent reason. Despite other brands of multi vitamins tablets I’d previously taken, nothing appeared to make the slightest improvement in my general well-being.

Since starting on the LLV I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my health, and I noticeably see a difference, if for some reason or another, that I forgotten to take them.

If you are ready for a health ‘reset’ or just ready to feel good again, LLV should be your first step!

If you want to read the full benefits of LLV then go to



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