Global Botanical Network

“the majority of our oils come from exclusive agreements where the growers and distillers will only sell to doTERRA. So if anybody is telling you they have the same quality essential oil as doTERRA, or that they get their essential oils from the same producers, that simply isn’t the case.”

We have gardens everywhere, from backyards to greenhouses and community plots. Even window sills are decorated with herb gardens. Farms across the globe plant, grow, and harvest crops every day. With such a wide variety of possibilities for growing the raw materials needed for essential oils, one might think that supplying the world with these incredible gifts might be a simple process. Simply plant a seed, harvest the materials, and distill the oils, right?

Such a model, however, could never be sufficient. Meeting the increasing demand for oils with the highest quality that are most beneficial requires a more global initiative. Through our Global Botanical Network of essential oil growers and distillers, doTERRA has created an optimal system for the distillation and distribution of essential oils.

doTERRA works with farmers and distillers in over 40 countries to provide essential oils to customers around the world. doTERRA values the wealth of expertise  that local growers and producers have when it comes to the plants that provide essential oils. While the temptation may be to buy out large plots of land to create farms dedicated to these plants, the simple fact remains that you cannot replace the knowledge of these growers and distillers—many of whom have worked their different crops for generations. It would be impossible to try to assimilate all that knowledge and experience, so why not simply recruit that expertise into a global network?

Creating partnerships with the myriad of growers and distillers is no simple feat either. It takes a proven record built over years to establish an honourable reputation. By dealing fairly and honestly with individuals and co-ops, doTERRA has earned their trust. That effort is paying off as word spreads about the integrity of doTERRA. More and more people are signing up to work with doTERRA, making us the world’s largest purchaser of essential oils. Additionally, the majority of our oils come from exclusive agreements where the growers and distillers will only sell to doTERRA. So if anybody is telling you they have the same quality essential oil as doTERRA, or that they get their essential oils from the same producers, that simply isn’t the case. Our demanding quality standards and exclusive agreements with those that grow the plants and produce the essential oils mean doTERRA’s quality is unrivaled.

Beyond the benefits in terms of production, a Global Botanical Network has the added benefit of being able to change lives for the better. Through our Co-Impact Sourcing® as well as the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™, we have been able to positively impact the communities where our partners live. Many of our essential oils come from developing countries where they do not enjoy the basic amenities of our modern world. As we work to create partnerships in these areas, we also work to improve lives through providing these basics and through promoting education.

Providing the highest quality essential oils may seem simple but when done correctly it takes dedication, integrity, and trust—principles doTERRA is dedicated to.


Author: holistichealthandwellbeinggroup

Welcome to Julie Deuchars blog on health and wellness. Whether you’re a seasoned dōTERRA expert or want to learn more about essential oils and their uses in promoting a healthy lifestyle, then you have reached the right place to do so. Julie is a registered nurse and has worked in both the NHS and private sector. With 33 years of nursing experience under her belt. She wanted to use alternative remedies for her own health by incorporating the use of essential oils into her wellness routine. After using the oils herself, she soon realised the power of these oils and became a Wellness Advocate. She felt so passionate about empowering others. The aim of Julie’s blog is to educate you in the safe and effective use of essential oils. Empowering you to build your own income from the oils. She will help to get you addicted, as much she is herself. If you’re interested in being part of her team, either as a wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate. Julie will support and mentor you whilst on your journey to freedom. Please contact her via the blog or at her dōTERRA website or alternatively Email

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