Potential health benefits of COPAIBA ESSENTIAL OIL

It’s time to talk about COPAIBA 💫 Did you know that cannabis plants are NOT the only source of cannabinoids?
The news here in Europe has been full of discussion about balancing the potential health benefits of plant cannabinoids with the risks posed by the psychoactive effects of cannabis extracts and the need to regulate the trade.

Enter copaiba essential oil, distilled from protected copaifera trees in S. American rainforests. Copaiba is extremely high in beta-caryophyllene, a powerful phytocannabinoid compound which is selectively active on CB2 receptors and therefore completely spares the psychoactive receptors which are activated by other cannabinoids.

The scientific literature on copaiba and beta-carophyllene is growing rapidly and I highly recommend doing a search on Pub Med to learn about some of the astonishing discoveries ✨031A9593-60C2-463B-A2A8-AF96A2078127🙌

This is an oil with limitless uses, but here are a few ideas:

🌿 Add 1-3 drops to drinking water daily (adults) to promote healthy levels of inflammation
🌿 Use a drop under your tongue (adults) to support your immune system when needed
🌿 Massage with carrier oil to soothe occasional aches and pains
🌿 Add to skin care serums/creams to promote glowing skin
🌿 Drink in water (adults) or apply with carrier oil to the abdomen to support the digestive system
🌿 Diffuse with citrus oils and/or other tree oils to lift a low mood or reduce anxious feelings
🌿 Apply a drop to the roof of the mouth to support neurological function

There are SO many incredible testimonies about this essential oil — I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below! ✨🌱

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Author: holistichealthandwellbeinggroup

Welcome to Julie Deuchars blog on health and wellness. Whether you’re a seasoned dōTERRA expert or want to learn more about essential oils and their uses in promoting a healthy lifestyle, then you have reached the right place to do so. Julie is a registered nurse and has worked in both the NHS and private sector. With 33 years of nursing experience under her belt. She wanted to use alternative remedies for her own health by incorporating the use of essential oils into her wellness routine. After using the oils herself, she soon realised the power of these oils and became a Wellness Advocate. She felt so passionate about empowering others. The aim of Julie’s blog is to educate you in the safe and effective use of essential oils. Empowering you to build your own income from the oils. She will help to get you addicted, as much she is herself. If you’re interested in being part of her team, either as a wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate. Julie will support and mentor you whilst on your journey to freedom. Please contact her via the blog or at her dōTERRA website http://mydoterra.com/juliedeuchars or alternatively Email julie@holistichealthandwellbeinggroup.com

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