Indigestion? Try DigestZen Essential Oil

Oil #9 is DIGESTZEN aka ZENGEST here in Europe, and it is dōTERRA’s Digestive Blend 🌿💫
Any student of Ayurveda will recognize the tummy-taming spices and herbs in this blend of pure essential oils: anise, peppermint, ginger, caraway seed, coriander, tarragon, and fennel 🌱✨

This oil can help soothe all kinds of tummy upsets and bring the digestive system back into balance:
🌱 Inhale the aroma to settle queasiness in cars or buses
🌱 Drink a drop in a glass of warm or cold water after a heavy meal
🌱 Take 1-2 drops in a capsule (or use the DigestZen softgels) for occasional heartburn relief
🌱 Dilute with carrier oil and massage on the abdomen: this stimulates a sluggish digestion AND soothes an overactive gut!
🌱 Dilute heavily and massage on a child’s tummy for any upset (a GP friend of mine had some amazing experiences with her colicky infant)

Don’t be afraid to try this blend topically for other body systems, too! (It is giving my son relief right this minute from a shoulder ache CA76BC07-2E62-4EA4-A940-E2AD75CC1F82😬) and I’ve heard it can be wonderful for menstrual discomfort and sinuses👃

How has this oil rocked YOUR world?
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