Do you suffer with breathing issues? Breathe Essential Oil..The respiratory Blend.

Oil #7 is AIR (aka BREATHE), the “Respiratory Blend.”

This beautiful blend of pure essential oils was created to help promote feelings of easy breathing and open airways.

This blend contains laurel (bay), peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara and ravintsara essential oils and can be applied topically with carrier oil or used aromatically with a diffuser/room spray or simply sniffed from the bottle.

We go through more of this oil than probably any other blend because it smells SO good and has so many uses:
✨ Promotes restful sleep when diffused in a bedroom (esp if you add a couple of drops of lavender!)
✨ Massaged with carrier oil on the chest and back of any family members who are feeling chesty
✨ Sniffed from a tissue to keep my nose clear during pollen season
✨ Dabbed with carrier oil over the sinuses at bedtime
✨ Rubbed with carrier oil on the soles of kids’ feet when they are congested
✨ Added to my diffuser necklace when I’m feeling overwhelmed
✨ Inhaled during a morning yoga practice and/or pranayama for heightened awareness of the breath.
How do YOU enjoy using this oil?

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