How to support your immune system with Oregano Essential Oil.

Oil #6 is OREGANO 🌿 This one is a powerhouse of potent chemistry 💥 Oregano has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years: respiratory conditions, as an anti-septic, to manage pain, to reduce inflammation, and to reduce fevers.
The essential oil has incredible natural chemistry that is relevant to our modern-day health and well-being, too, when used appropriately:*
🌿 Soothing achy muscles and joints
🌿 Supporting the immune system
🌿 Promoting cardiovascular and digestive health
🌿 Helping the body sustain healthy levels of inflammation and cellular turnover
One if oregano oil’s main constituents is called thymol, which is the main ingredient in many natural antibacterial and antiviral cleaning products 😉
*The powerful chemistry of this essential oil makes it one that MUST be used sensible: dilute generously with carrier oil before applying it to the skin or ingesting it, and use extra caution with very sensitive family members. If you aren’t sure how to dilute essential oils, please consult a reputable guide.
Search this oil on Pub Med and prepare to be wowed! ✨✨✨ How has this oil been useful in YOUR home?
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