How to support your immune system with Melaleuca Essential oil a.k.a Tea Tree Oil.

Oil #4 is MELALEUCA, aka tea tree! This is another well-known oil with extensively researched properties that support your immune system.

In fact, I tried to photograph this oil at my gym locker room, because that is where I use it most often!

After a swim or shower, I massage melaleuca onto my feet with a little coconut oil to combat the nasties that lurk in damp warm locker room floors 🤢

This is an oil with a multitude of uses in every home:
🌿 Added to vinegar + water as a household cleaner (particular fab in bathrooms…)
🌿 In the diffuser to freshen and sanitise the air
🌿 Applied topically (with carrier oil) to soothe sore ears
🌿 Diluted and dabbed on blemishes
🌿 Gargled in a glass of water to soothe a scratchy throat

It’s fantastic in combination with lavender to support any skin healing: think sitz baths after childbirth or diluted and massaged on itchy skin.

How do YOU use this oil?  💫🌿🙌
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If you’re interested in purchasing Melaleuca or any of the other amazing essential oils, please visit


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