Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil.


Oil #3 is LAVENDER 💫 This is one of the most commonly used essential oils, but also one of the most adulterated (i.e. faked) on the high street. dōTERRA lavender smells fresh, light, and clean… like the flower!

Lavender has profoundly calming properties. It supports restful sleep for the entire family, and medical research is now showing us that good sleep is the bedrock of good health 😴 Chronic sleep deprivation is an epidemic! Try lavender in baths (with a squirt of coconut oil or shower gel); in a diffuser; in a massage oil; a few drops on your pillow; or adults might want to try a drop of dōTERRA lavender oil in warm water as a tea ✨

But don’t be fooled by the beautiful aroma: lavender packs a serious punch when it comes to soothing the skin (think bites/stings/burns/blemishes) and supporting your entire body’s natural ability to heal.

Lavender is one of the gentlest of all essential oils and a great one to reach for during pregnancy, birth, and beyond 💕

Emotionally, lavender is wonderful for relieving stress and settling anxious feelings. I’ve used it at work to help cope with upsets and overwhelm.

Check out Pub Med for more amazing properties of lavender! 💪💜💫

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