Peppermint Essential Oil

Oil #1 is PEPPERMINT in my “top 10” series this week! 🌿

This invigorating essential oil is steam distilled from peppermint leaves grown in Washington State, where the cool, damp conditions allow the plants to develop the most exquisite natural chemistry.

Peppermint is a highly versatile essential oil:
• Invigorating and energising
• Powerfully supports the immune system
• Soothes discomfort in muscles and joints
• Relieves tension in head and shoulders
• Settles an upset tummy
• Cooling to the skin and stimulates circulation

It can be used topically on the skin (always diluted with carrier oil bc of its intensity); inhaled via a diffuser, inhaler, or simply on a tissue; or used to flavour food and beverages (in coffee is my fave!!).

Common ways to use this oil in your family:
✨ Massage with carrier oil into temples and neck to relieve throbbing head tension
✨ Drink in beverages to soothe queasiness
✨ Diffuse for work/study to sharpen focus
✨ Massage with carrier oil over the tummy to settle cramping or sluggish digestion 💩
✨ Inhale from palms or a tissue to open up airways and soothe inflamed/congested nasal passages (hello, pollen)
✨ Stroke along the spine with carrier oil for a child who is hot or under the weather
✨ Add 2-3 drops to your shampoo bottle to soothe an itchy scalp
It’s an oil I simply couldn’t live without! Feel free to comment below with YOUR favourite way to use peppermint essential oil.

(Please consult a reputable reference book or dō for safety information and dilution guidelines)4FE8EC41-4E8C-4729-A81F-85FC8C37EC9E.jpeg


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